Repair of industrial type dryers

We carry out repairs of even the most modern and complicated machines. Our repairman finds failure without disassembling the drying machine. If you need to find a complex problem, the craftsman can analyze it right there. The firm and the cost of repairing dryers are connected. If the screen is big, then the device and the cost of parts are harder to fix and it’s more expensive. If you don’t want to repair it all the time, simply observe basic safety requirements and handle the electricity properly. If your dryer is broken we can fix it in a short period. Repair of tumble dryers is one of their most popular services of our company.

Repairs should be carried out by experienced specialists because it requires specific knowledge and experience. Otherwise, you can spend the money on parts that you do not need because of the wrong diagnosis. Often faults are easily corrected, but without a diagnosis, it is difficult to define them.

The repairman will bring a standard set of spare parts to repair your machine.

After ordering and after we repair the dryer, you can be sure that the job will be executed professionally and you do not need to repair it again. In addition, the technician will give you instructions for long-term operation without long-term maintenance.

In addition to flexible prices and the professionalism of our employees, our advantage is shown in our ability to make repairs at any time convenient for you.

Basic principles of the dryer

Drier-just a big drum, loaded with wet clothes. Motor with pulleys - connected with belts - turns the drum. The air heated by the gas heater or electric heating element is the warm air through the drum to dry clothes. Temperature and speed controlled by the drum near thermostats, controlled by a timer device on the remote control. In addition to drying clothes, the dryer also removes the fiber.

This fine, fuzzy material can cause a problem because it is a trap for the dryer units and it fills fans.

Fiber can also gather around the drum tracks and rollers, or in and under the pulleys and belt drive.

The result is poor drying of clothes or sometimes no drying at all. To avoid problems with the fiber, dust trap system of fiber dryer each time you use the dryer.

As a safety device, a dryer usually has a door switch that activates the working parts. If the door is not closed properly, the dryer will not work, regardless of the settings on the remote control.  A lot of dryers are equipped with the reset button on the remote control. If the engine is not moving, let the dryer fresh up for about ten minutes, and then press the reset button. If there are no problems with the engine, switches, or electrical system, the dryer restarts. If not, then the dryer needs to be repaired.

In this article, we will discuss how you can handle minor service problems on your own. To find out what is wrong, you'll need to disassemble the dryer to be able to see the inner part. Exhaustholecollectslint.

Maintenance involves cleaning the hole of lint from the screen in the bearing exhaust holes at the end of the dryer or exhaust openings, where it sticks out through a basement window or the outer wall. To clean the screen, remove the clamp that holds the hole to the bearing, knock out the screws that hold the hole to the bearing, or pull a hole directly to the extended bearing. Remove the screen entirely and replace it in the assemble holes.

To clean up the port directly, use a cleaning brush, to pull out the fiber.

Also, check out the holes, to make sure that the piping or tubing to the holes is not free in the joints, or - in the case of flexible plastic drainage - no slack between hanging brackets. Gaps or imbalances cause undue stress on the system fan dryers and can cause drying problems. If the pipe or tubing to the holes was clogged fiber, remove it by pushing a garden hose or drain auger trap-and-through hole to a comfortable joint. Disassemble the joint to remove the dirt.  During this procedure is not necessary to dismantle the entire hole to find the lock. You can prevent problems before they become too serious by providing routine maintenance for your dryer door gasket, thermostat, timer, and other common parts.

Note: Many newer dryers include electronic diagnostics that can be described in the instruction manual.

Caution: Before doing any work on the dryer, make sure it is disabled.

Disconnect the cable connecting the base with electricity. If it is a dryer fueled by gas, close the valve of the gas supply to turn off the gas.

Diagnosis and repair of tumble dryers.

  • This is for professionals. Relying on years of experience we can say with confidence that our service center can repair your home appliances in time and with big quality.
  • Entrust repair of household appliances to professionals and you will save your money and time.

Home appliance repair and connection of household appliances - is the main activity of our company. We repair dryers at home with a visit to the customer within Baku. Our experience allows our engineers to repair home appliances of any complexity. You can order directly from the website just by calling us. Our repairman is ready to come and visit you within the same day. The sale of spare parts for household appliances is also included in the list of our services. We offer quality parts so that you never encountered the problem of repairing household appliances.


Heating element for industrial type dryers (Compatible with Tolon and Tolkar brands)




Manhole cuffs for industrial type dryers




Control Module / Board for industrial dryers (compatible with Tolon and Tolkar brands)



Inverter unit for industrial type tumble dryers