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We offer high-quality repair services, carried out by skilled, qualified maintenance foreman to all washing machine owners at their houses.

Individual approach to technology and its owners, and congruence of work in a team - credo we follow rigorously.

After conducting a complex diagnosis of a faulty repairman will let you know about the estimated cost of repairs

If the price does not suit you, you just can reject repairs. If the cost of the work and details suits you, you can always agree with the repairman about the day and time of the visit, which is going to be the most comfortable time for you.

Do you want your washing machine to serve you for a long time?  We will do everything we can, so our repair extends the life of your machine for many years.

Repair yourself (Independent repair).

Usually, self-reliant attempts to repair the washing machine leads to sad consequences, but self-diagnose of damages is still possible. Here are two pieces of advice from our company to diagnose breakdown.

If you hear extra sounds while using the washing machine, we recommend you open the back cover and inspect the place of the mount drum bearing. If you find their rusty stains, you should think about the overhaul, which includes the replacement of seals and bearings.

Also, the possible causes of failure can be detected during inspection - if there is leakage of the rubber seals, you should be prepared to replace the branch pipe or cuff. But do not forget that the direct repair of washing machines should be trusted by an experienced foreman.

Order to repair

Reception, processing, and order fulfillment are carried out by our foreman soon as possible. Information given to our supervisor by phone allows determining the cause of failure and after detailed instruction from the foreman and kitting the necessary repair materials and the repairman is ready to quickly and efficiently carry out its work on the diagnosis and repair.

How to order?

Our service staff has years of experience and it allows to determine the cause of failure, even at the stage of receiving the order, allows the selection of equipment and spare parts needed to repair the machine, so when you contact our customer service please report if there are unusual sounds and smells. Within an hour, the master will call you to select a convenient time for you to visit.


Execution of all orders quickly and accurately - the basis of our work. After the repair, there should be test washing. It can be performed by you or the craftsman. Upon completion of the verification cycle of washing the master will give you the warranty card, which once again will convince you that a professional repair is not just the matter of extending the life of the machine, but also it saves your money.

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The most common failure of washing machines can easily be determined by sound. For example, failure of the pump is accompanied by a crash in the sink or drain does not occur. Beltleaves thedrumstationary, but the machine produces the typical buzz. Lack of heating shows a malfunction of the heating element. These failures do not require high-class maintenance skills, but we still recommend you to apply to the experts.

Machine care

Pay attention to the magnitude of the maximum load, based on the weight of the theloadedlaundry, calculated engine power, and all other parts are made by taking into account the weight. That’s why, a very important item in the care of the machine is not to overload, preventing rapid wear.

Service rules

By loading constantly the weight, more than defined by the manufacturer, you move forward with an expensive repair, where almost all parts are replaced. Pay special attention to the washing machine’s work in the surge, to avoid serious damage it should be plugged into a surge protector.